About Us

Here is what we all know, but often don’t admit.

The market determines your rental income. Most of your property’s operating expenses are somewhat fixed, though a few require the true expertise of an experienced sponsor. Leaving the cost of capital as one of the key determinants of your investment return.

Yet, the pricing, leverage, terms, and overall cost of this capital varies widely from source to source, all the way up the capital stack. Our relationships and full understanding of what is available in the market for debt, mezzanine, and all types of equity, is our strength.

Banyan Commercial Capital LLC is a one-stop shop for debt, mezzanine, preferred equity, and joint venture equity. Our mission is to be client-centric to the extreme. We have no financial ties to any of our sources. This eliminates quotas and hurdles, as well as the pressure from our capital sources to shoe-horn you into a product that may be less than optimal, but meets the quarterly needs of our capital sources.

Our role is to hammer out the best business deal for our client on every transaction.

What Makes Us Different

  • Expertise in bridge financing and structured debt

  • Ability to bring in mezzanine or preferred equity when applicable

  • We focus on the small to mid-sized area of the market. The set of lenders that work the less than $10M range is generally different than the $10M to over $50M range. In fact, while there may be some of the same lending sources within these two area, it is typically different people within these groups that work the different market segments. We know who to work with, and when.

  • Transparency – we do not shock the market with your transaction. We select a handful of lenders, that with your approval, we deal with to get your transaction from quote through close.

  • We are a tight knit team that takes your transaction seriously and personally. We don’t stop until its done.

Meet the Team

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Daniel Bockstoce

Managing Director