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The Time’s are a Changing – Opportunities

Bob Dylan… “The Times are A-Changin’”. I am not pretentious enough to say that I appreciate him as much as others. Though it was impressive that he chose to skip the Nobel Prize due to having “other plans”. He was/is right though. It amazes me how long it can take things to change, but when they do, […]

Opportunities from Inefficiency

“I have been working with my bank for decades… they know me there”. We hear this several times everyday. My response back is “Are they treating you, a long time loyal customer, as well as I am getting other lenders to treat perfect strangers? Let’s have a look.” Very often, years of loyalty are taken […]

Who’s Hot In Commercial Mortgages Today?

We are commercial mortgage advisors. We speak with lending sources all day long everyday, in order to find the answer to this question. Commercial mortgages in Florida come in many forms. Local banks, regional & national banks, foreign banks, life insurance companies, hedge funds, mortgage REIT’s, CMBS lenders, as well as government and quasi-governmental agencies, […]

The Return of the Local Bank

Sure, they have always been around. Some are called Community Banks, other Savings Banks or Commercial Banks. But they are all effectively the same. They take your deposits, leverage them, and lend the money back out at a profit in the form of commercial mortgages. How competitive have they been in commercial real estate lending? […]